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Clan FOG guidelines and expectations.

Welcome to Clan FOG, A fairly successful COC clan that was founded by some coworkers in western Pennsylvania, and continue today to try to keep it competitive and fun.

We don't want to micro manage, but eventually we expect people to understand our general rules and strategy so that they can eventually make good decisions on their own.


General clan comments:

  -  Do not ask to be promoted.  Redspec is the leader, and co-leaders are reserved for people who have admin functions in the clan or did in the past.  Even promoted to elder is a big deal and proves you understand our tactics, perform well, get along, and have done plenty of time as a member.  Just enjoy the clan, rank really isn’t considered much here, it’s about the game.  Being a killer player is not a priority here, being reliable and timely is.

   -  In general we war in reference to time to the EST time zone, and tend to kick off wars around 8pm EST.

   -  Do not request high level expensive troops for normal defense or for looting.  Giants and some wizards are fine, but higher and dark elixir requests will probably go unfulfilled, unless you are in a war.  Please donate no matter what level troops you have, try to keep an even ratio if you can.

   -  Remember that FOG is a Clan Level 10+, so that means that all donations get a level bump of +2 and half the troop cost goes back into your bank.

   -  Don't be a silent member, chat it up some.  Good communication is the key to our success.  Don't have a thin skin, people will be trying to help you and sarcasm and poking fun is a part of it, no one is trying to be mean here.  Listen and learn.  We do expect some improvement in warring.


War strategy:

In general, our strategy is to assign first attacks to be as efficient as possible on getting more 3 stars attacks in that first round than blindly going straight across or other methods.  If you don't have an assignment then it usually means you are on cleanup and you will then look to take another members failed attack that you have a high percent chance of getting 3 stars.  If you are near the top of the war rankings and are not assigned an attack, it is probably due to waiting for the enemy’s war bases to be revealed at the start of war, before 1st attacks are decided.  Second attacks are for cleaning (getting 3 stars) from the bottom up.  So the lowest bases should be able to get both attacks in the first few hours of the war if everyone is timely.

   -  First attacks are assigned from our website Get the login ASAP.

   -  IF YOU DO NOT 3 STAR ON YOUR FIRST ATTACK, YOU ARE EXPECTED TO ATTACK LOWER FOR YOUR SECOND ATTACK TO CLEANUP SOMEONE ELSE'S FIRST ATTEMPT.  Remember, one star or two stars is NOT good enough in this clan, we will need it 3 starred from another member.


   -  If you are in the top half of our war ranks, you must fill one or two war clan castles per the chart on the website.  You must give what is requested.  Max troops are not mandatory, so don’t worry about your troop level.  If you don’t have what is asked for then ask someone for help.  If you don’t fill your required clan castles you may be asked to fill them all the next war you are in.


   -  In general we expect that at least all TH8s and lower OR the bottom half of the clan get both attacks in by 12-14 hours into the war.


   -  If you don't get your first attack in after 8 hours you forfeit that assignment and is fair game for someone else to take it UNLESS you chat and tell us you will be late.


   -  You MUST specify that you are requesting 'War' troops when you are staging your army for a war attack.  These troops will have a high priority and you will get max troops per your request.  People may even be spending gems on making them so be courteous.


   -  You MUST opt out of wars when upgrading heros or spell factory.


   -  Most infractions to the rules will get you benched from war until you show that you understand what is expected.



                                                                                                - The FOG High Council